The European Caper

Back at home,
enjoying a bit of jet-lag.

Back at Home

So, the trip is done, three months passed by in a flash, and we're back at home.

The final leg of the flight, back from Singapore, was very pleasant. The plane was ¾ empty, so Costanza got to sleep along a row of seats. I probably should have done the same, but I felt better sitting with Eleanor while she slept.

I was particularly happy when we landed 40 minutes early, at 9:40am, due to a favourable tailwind, but I hadn't counted on Sydney airport's congestion, which then kept us sitting on the tarmac for 45 minutes waiting for our berthing gate to be available.

We had booked a car again and the final two hour drive home went smoothly. I was a little surprised to find that our house was just as we left it, no leaks, break-ins, fires, gas explosions, tree falls, or any of the other disasters that had occasionally troubled my thoughts. However, we both agreed that the house was smaller than we remembered it.

I think it'll be a while before I come back to finish off this travel journal. I've really enjoyed keeping track of our journey as we travelled (and managed to record many things I may otherwise have forgotten), but I now need a break from the blogging. Later in the year I intend to go back and complete my write-ups for Leipzig, Zürich, Oxford, London and Singapore, plus do some editing of the existing posts and add some more photos.