The European Caper

Still at home
Preparing for the trip.

The Story behind our intended Caper

A couple of years back, we traded-in our busy lives in central Sydney, for the rural serenity of the Southern Highlands, halfway between Sydney and Canberra. It's a great place to bring up our daughter, and despite missing the hubbub of living in Sydney's Chinatown district, it suits us perfectly. However, somehow we've agreed to go to Italy for 3 months, to stay in the town where my wife's parents were born.

It will be a great opportunity for my daughter and wife to connect with their heritage. Eleanor is only 2.5, and is unlikely to remember the trip, but presumably the experience will be good for her development, and she should pick up a fair bit of the language.

As it's going to be such a long time away, we're hoping to have a fair bit of time to write (in between chasing around after our daughter), so I've set up this blog/journal website, so we can record our thoughts for posterity and provide a holiday commentary for our friends and family at home.

It's not all going to be staid family gatherings though. In fact, we plan to kick things off at the fabulous Wave Gotik Treffen festival in Leipzig, Germany. We've been there before, but obviously not with a toddler in tow. So, it's going to be a matter of taking turns at the babysitting, and heading out to some of the more child-friendly daytime events.

After WGT, we intend to have a brief stay in Berlin, before heading to Puglia to see what our accommodation for most of the next 3 months looks like. While we're there, we intend to go on some day trips and a few longer stays in the surrounding area (various Greek islands being just across the water), and maybe a longer visit to the UK. Our itinerary is a work in progress, with - this - page hopefully being updated as our plans develop.

You can read more about us, the trip and this website, on the About Us page. Although, I guess it's actually the same stuff written a different way, so maybe you should just dive into the next journal entry, here.