The European Caper

Updated as we travel.

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Our Travel Itinerary

At this stage, our travel plans are as follows:

Dates Our Itinerary
to In the air, then a 26 hour stopover in Dubai, while gaining 6 hours from earth-spin temporal distortion.
to Frankfurt overnight (having gained another 2 hours in flight), then onto a train north.
to Leipzig for the WGT music festival and catching up with friends.
to Berlin to see the sites and catch up with an Australian friend who lives there.
to Giovinazzo, in Southern Italy, staying in an apartment and socialising with Eleanor's extended family.
to In Orria, near Salerno, for a week away with family at an Agriturismo property.
to Back in Puglia, with some day trips and plenty of family gatherings.
to In Switzerland, starting in Zürich, then visiting friends in Sulgen.
to Flying to Manchester, then driving around Yorkshire (or something like that).
to Oxford (with Costanza attending a Corset Makers' conference).
to A few days in London.
to Flying home, with a stopover in Singapore.

So that's where we've been and where we intend to go (more or less).

I'll update this page as we go along (and maybe leave the older copies, so we can see how much reality diverged from our intentions).