The European Caper

The European Caper,
Journaling our 2017
travel adventures.

About Us

This blog is mainly intended as a journal for storing memories of our big 2017 trip to Europe. In the past, we would have put together a photo book after the event, but keeping regular notes during the trip, and uploading those musings to this website when possible, seems a more accurate way of documenting our day-to-day experiences for future nostalgic reminiscence.

The site is also intended as a way of keeping our friends and family up-to-date with our travels (hence the post card theme). Spamming everyone's Facebook feeds seems rude, so using this blog allows people to choose if and when, they will see what we're up to.

Also, I've been coding my own Content Management System (CMS), and this seems like as good an opportunity as any to test it out. The downside is that my programming-on-the-run may result in a less than reliable communication method, but if you're reading this, then I guess at least some of it is working. (A separate, potentially very tedious journal entry, specifically about my CMS venture, will likely follow.)

On a more serious note, as this website is a beta-test-installation for the GAWSE CMS, please be aware that the website, the European Caper concept, the associated blog and the GAWSE CMS software, are all owned by EditHouse Pty Ltd. The website Terms & Conditions of Use can be found here.

Finally, as we don't want to bother with passwords for friends viewing this site, it is all open to the world. Therefore, Google will likely point a few random strangers our way. Hopefully our musings will be of some use and/or interest to others, but if not, please blame your search engine provider for the bum steer.